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Cajun Curl Chip Cutter

Make Cajun Curl Chips at home or at your restaurant. Crisp chips full of flavor that is sure to please everyone. Use any type of potatoes make angel hair onions. 

 CAJUN CURL™  Products

Here at Leblanc Trading and Marketing we are developing and bring you the finest products. From our Cajun Curl™ Chip Cutter that makes homemade continuous spiral cut chips to our World Famous Cajun Curl™ Original Spice  that goes on everything. We are hope you enjoy our current products and look forward to bringing you more and even better evolutions in our brand.

Cajun Curl™Chip Cutter

The Cajun Curl™ Chip Cutter was dreamed up on the banks of "Elm Bayou" in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana. A new Dimension in potato chips! Continuous spiral cut homemade chips. The cutter is food safe, good for home use but built for commercial kitchen applications. Made with polymer base for food service approved by  USDA, FDA, and NSF. Use the cutter to make potato, sweet potato, squash, and zucchini chips, angel hair onions and more. It slices ultra thin, uniform, quick and easily all from the turn of a handle.  

Cajun Curl™ Seasoning

Cajun Curl Seasoning came from necessity, the need to find a spice complex with less salt, the perfect heat, and that would go on everything you cooked. so World Famous Cajun Curl™ Bayou Blended Original Spice was born. with no artificial preservatives ,and an ingredients label you can read without a chemistry degree, you can feel safe adding it to your family dinner.

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