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     This tale happened at a camp on the banks of "Elm Bayou" in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana. A monthly gathering of gray headed men for a wild game feast was preceded by lots of talk and snacks. An experimental cutter was developed for making snack potatoes. The spiral cut potatoes were fried and many request were received for more. The largely Cajun crew grew to two dozen and cutter improvements were needed to fill demands. The result is the now available "CAJUN CURL™ CHIP CUTTER". Along with the unique continuous spiral shape of these potatoes came the development of a suitable spice, low salt, and with a little "kick" but not to burn your lips. Ahhh!! mon ami' sighed an elderly Cajun from Bunkie, La. and so the "CAJUN CURL™ BAYOU BLENDED SPICE" came into being. Both products are MADE IN THE USA marketed in and outside the U.S. by the fine folks of LeBlanc Trading and Marketing now serving customers from Tuscaloosa Alabama


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From The Town Talk Newspaper August 24, 2003 

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