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Cajun Curl™ Yam Chips

Yams make a tasty Cajun Curl™ Chip and can be cut on your Cajun Curl™ Chip Cutter. Yam size and shape vary greatly with the use of smaller symmetrically shaped yams cutting best. Ask your grocer for baking or baker type yams. Selection of fresh yams 6 inches or shorter and less than 3 Inch diameter produce the best chips. After washing, cut a small flat in the ends if pointed. This provides a surface for the driver to penetrate the potato. A small flat is sufficient for the pilot to penetrate (blade end of potato). Proceed to cut the yam as directed in your Cajun Curl™ Chip Cutter Operating Instructions. 

Yam Seasoning: Use a combination of sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground cloves. Sugar can vary with granulated, confectionery or brown sugar for a flavorful chip. Extra Fine granulated sugar mixes well with the recommended spices and adheres well to chips. Season immediately upon removal from cooking oil. Honey drizzled over cooked chips also is a flavorful variation. 

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