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Cajun Curl Chips

Potato size and shape vary greatly with the use of smaller symmetrically shaped potatoes cutting best. Ask your grocer for baking or baker type potatoes. Selection of fresh potatoes 6 inches or shorter and less than 3 Inch diameter produce the best chips.Proceed to cut the potato as directed in your Cajun Curl™ Chip Cutter Operating Instructions. 


Fry spiral cut potatoes in 275 degree oil, turning occasionally until turning golden. Remove to paper towel, season immediately as chips will crisp-up in approx. 20-30 seconds. Spiral cut potatoes can be fried as chips, used in recipes as scalloped or pan-fried as breakfast potatoes. 


Cajun Curl™ Chip Cutter lets you control the ingredient-type of potato, oil and seasonings. By making chips yourself there are no added preservatives. The chips are easy and fun to make with family and friends.

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