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Cajun Curl Angel Hair Onions

Angel Hair Onions can be made using your Cajun Curl™ Chip Cutter.  Please refer to the owner's manual for proper cutting technique.

Angel Hair onions can be eaten raw or cooked. Excellent flavor will result from either pan frying (sauté) in a small amount of oil or deep-frying.

To Deep Fry: In a bowl combine the following


2 Cups Angel Hair Cut onions


1 batch of Cajun Curl™ Fish Fry  

1 Tablespoon Onion Powder

1 teaspoon Granulated sugar


Toss lightly to mix. Fry in 275 degree oil to desired level of crispness. Optimum flavor is when onion is still slightly limp and batter turns golden.  Season with Cajun Curl™ Seasoning to taste.

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